About Us


PROMINO HEALTHCARE LTD. Supply of top quality medicines and pharmaceutical regulatory consultancy.

We provide quality over the-counter (OTC), pharmacy- only and prescription only medications (POM). We also source for rare medical products, while offering high quality pharmaceutical care, and habitual lifesaving information relating to the use of medicines to our esteemed clients and walk-in customers.

We provide first rate consultancy services to corporate organizations on international regulatory issues on pharmaceuticals – issuance of national marketing authorization for medicines, compilation of CTD dossiers of Finished Pharmaceutical products (FPPs), and advisory assessment of dossiers of FPPs prepared for submission for registration by National Regulatory agencies.

We pride ourselves with highly competent, well-motivated and customers friendly staff numbering 17, who consistently display their creativity and problem solving capacities on the job.


Our markets are Corporate Organizations, including and especially Medical Organization outfits (retail/ wholesale pharmacies/pharmaceutical manufacturers/distributors and hospitals) and local community customers.